Managing Trust

Managing trust was the title of the event taking place on 6th June. The event was organized by BDO Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft AG and BDS Systemberatung GmbH and gave important information about  data security.

It pointed out the importance of practical and continuous solutions within authorization management.

Mr Gerber (BDO) explained the meaning of trust in the digital world.

Mr Töller (BDO) explained compliance regarding the view of audit aspects. Analysis of booking data helps discovering and locating missing security. The BDO tool is possible to analyze lots of data and points out existing inconsistences.

BDS introduced an innovative compliance solution to the audience. SiAM (Simplified authorization manager) by SIVIS GmbH manages compliance with method and system. Different modules consider all aspects of data security from role generator to  user  management, emergency concept up to compliance analysis. The reference model helps the customer to create his own concept of users’ security.

Similar events are planned all over Germany.