arvato Monitor for Internal Controls

arvato MIC - The innovative software solution for your internal control system (ICS)

Fulfill the demands of compliance and risk management simple and pragmatic. Ease the strain on your departments and better the quality of your ICS as well as the monitoring and reporting. Due to globalization and stronger cross-linkage of companies, the risk and chance increases that financial decisions influence not only your own company but whole systems. The ICS is an integral component of a solid risk management. Its task is, on the one hand, to report about the ICS itself and on the other hand, it has to give statements about the functionality and effectiveness. Learn more in our Whitepaper

arvato MIC - summed up

  • Small training costs (integration in SAP ERP, inclusion of routines)
  • Intuitive usability (usage of SAP standards, no need of IT-experts)
  • Time saving (automatic controls incl. review, temporal control, automation of workflows)
  • Documentation (comform with ICS and completely automatic, no print-outs, SAP standard, single point of truth for certificates)
  • Short payoff (payoff is smaller than one year)
  • Transparency (current status 24/7, risk management)
Die zentrale Serverplattform der SQL Projekt AG für den Aufbau einer skalierbaren Integrationsarchitektur, die unterschiedliche Systeme prozessorientiert und in Echtzeit zusammenarbeiten lässt.
Aufbauend auf langjähriger, erfolgreicher Entwicklungsarbeit ist die SQL Projekt AG ein spezialisierter Anbieter von Beratungs-, Entwicklungs- und Schulungsleistungen im Umfeld diverser Datenbankhersteller. Insbesondere existiert eine enge Partnerschaft mit dem Hersteller SYBASE.


  • Time saving: saves up to 80%
  • Reduces complexity: traffic light function
  • Simplifies documentation: single point of truth
  • Uses innovations: new technology


SEPA - everybody is talking about it. Many companies though do not know how high their need for action regarding SEPA is. That is why we have developed a SEPA QUICK CHECK for our customers that shows, with little expenditure, how high your need for action in the SAP ERP system is.

Summary of our Services

  • Supply of program resources for the QUICK CHECK
  • Control customization in SAP production mandate of customer
  • Realization of control routine (once)
  • Documentation of results
  • Uninstalling of SEPA QUICK CHECK
  • Final meeting