The new S.Guardian® enables you to scan your SAP and non-SAP systems for any criteria that you like and to inform responsible persons about the results. You can do all that without programming experience.

S.Guardian® - summed up

  • S.Guardian® shows to be approved objects in an inbox. They can be arranged in groups of your liking and can only be seen by approved persons. Choose the detailed view and single object fields where the status quo is shown as red, yellow or green. The inbox is available via Internet and smartphone (S.Guardian® Anywhere).
  • An object designer helps you to create S.Guardian® object types. You have the possibility to create requests as building blocks with which you can analyze your SAP and non-SAP systems.
  • Employees are informed via email if they have to approve an event. Events are shown personalized in the inbox and you can define escalation steps. As a manager you can see the status and react accordingly.
  • S.Guardian® offers the possibility to define your object types with as many fields as you like and to define formats. Each event and each object type gets exactly the content that you want it to have.
Die zentrale Serverplattform der SQL Projekt AG für den Aufbau einer skalierbaren Integrationsarchitektur, die unterschiedliche Systeme prozessorientiert und in Echtzeit zusammenarbeiten lässt.
Aufbauend auf langjähriger, erfolgreicher Entwicklungsarbeit ist die SQL Projekt AG ein spezialisierter Anbieter von Beratungs-, Entwicklungs- und Schulungsleistungen im Umfeld diverser Datenbankhersteller. Insbesondere existiert eine enge Partnerschaft mit dem Hersteller SYBASE.


  • Central cockpit for managing decisions
  • Presentation of decisions on periodic dates or spontaneous events
  • Generic interface for decision objects
  • Simple definition of new object types without programming