Changes to the SAP user data should be entered in the quickest and easiest way. In many companies, these tasks are carried out directly by the department employees. S.Profiler® is a web-based application that enables these employees to perform these tasks in the easiest way.

S.Profiler® - summed up

  • S.Profiler® processes every change request as an entry in an integrated workflow. Each change request – whether a password-reset or generating new user rights – can be carried out directly or in separate workflow steps.
  • The required process steps of a change request are performed one after another and are displayed in a clearly structured manner. Handling of change requests is based on the principle “one step after another”. A protocol clearly indicates which steps have already been accomplished.
  • At the start of each change request process, a corresponding user must be selected. Which users are entitled to be selected is determined by the user rights in S.SiAM. If a user has access rights to different SAP Systems, the appropriate SAP system must also be selected.
  • No additional SAP user needed for processing authorizations!
  • Automatic audit on application.
Die zentrale Serverplattform der SQL Projekt AG für den Aufbau einer skalierbaren Integrationsarchitektur, die unterschiedliche Systeme prozessorientiert und in Echtzeit zusammenarbeiten lässt.
Aufbauend auf langjähriger, erfolgreicher Entwicklungsarbeit ist die SQL Projekt AG ein spezialisierter Anbieter von Beratungs-, Entwicklungs- und Schulungsleistungen im Umfeld diverser Datenbankhersteller. Insbesondere existiert eine enge Partnerschaft mit dem Hersteller SYBASE.


  • Health organizations
  • Manufacture and production
  • Media economics
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Other industries
  • Access to SAP user data over the internet
  • Processing of profiles
  • Versatile types of application
  • User self service
  • No additional SAP users necessary