S.Sentinel® provides a user with time-limited user rights for an emergency case. The rights are defined and determined in advance. For example, if a key-employee is unexpectedly absent through illness, production does not need to come to a halt, as the appropriate rights can be assigned to another person for a limited period of time.

S.Sentinel® - summed up

  • Emergency authorization approves assignment of an additional authorization. This control function guarantees that the SAP environment remains audit-compliant in the case of an emergency where a user is assigned more rights than s/he usually possesses.
  • The actions carried out during the emergency phase can be easily viewed in the detailed log.
  • S.Sentinel® can also be used in non-emergency cases when certain rights are needed for a specific period of time - for example, prior to an accounts closure. In such cases, S.Sentinel® can be used to extend user rights for a specific period.
  • In emergencies, the user will only get access to S.Sentinel® if s/he has been granted a visa.
  • The approver in the background receives messages via email of each application for a visa, detailing the usage of emergency users and after logout of the emergency users.
  • All actions carried out by S.Sentinel® in SAP are fully logged.
Die zentrale Serverplattform der SQL Projekt AG für den Aufbau einer skalierbaren Integrationsarchitektur, die unterschiedliche Systeme prozessorientiert und in Echtzeit zusammenarbeiten lässt.
Aufbauend auf langjähriger, erfolgreicher Entwicklungsarbeit ist die SQL Projekt AG ein spezialisierter Anbieter von Beratungs-, Entwicklungs- und Schulungsleistungen im Umfeld diverser Datenbankhersteller. Insbesondere existiert eine enge Partnerschaft mit dem Hersteller SYBASE.

Record formats

  • Change receipts (SUIM)
  • Audit-Log (SM20)
  • System-Log (SM21)
  • Quick, secure rights assignments
  • Security with approval by a third party
  • Simple assignment of necessary roles
  • Viewability of the carried-out actions
  • Minimization of time lost
  • Easy rights assignment (periodic)