By service we mean a sound and informed consultation. Right from the basics, we have formed extensive levels of expertise through long-standing experience of IT implementations.

Integrated know-how: you'll get a hand from us with everything - from project management to compliance of system authorizations. The specific selection of specialists for difficult problems completes our service capabilities.

  • Consultation
  • Implementation
  • Project management
  • Development/Additional or function development
  • Authorizations/Compliance/SOX Sarbanes Oxley
  • Special industry know-how

The trust of our customers encourages us to continue forging new paths. Without the technical competence, energy and the necessary sensibility of all our colleagues, this would not be possible. It is our specialists who, together with your experts, find innovative solutions for your requirements.

No implementation without specialist technical competence!

Even with the smallest projects, we create fair conditions and build long-term customer relationships.


  • Specialist industry know-how
  • Core process knowledge
  • Less on-the-job training time
  • Competent consultation

You receive:

  • High quality of project work
  • Consistent standards
  • Service standby and strong customer relationship
  • Flexible deployment
  • Fair conditions structure