Outsourcing authorizations

We take care of your SOX und SoD Compliance. Our systematical practice of granting, supporting, assigning and clearing SAP authorizations sets you on the fast lane when auditors visit you. We manage your SAP-based authorizations (incl. BI-based systems) by SiAM® Compliance Suite. An extensive management of requests and versions is supporting you and us.

We offer you the following services: 

  • SAP User - Management  
  • SAP Compliance-Management/Authorization
  • Management of licence (SAP)
  • Audit support (SoD und SOX)
  • Revision support
  • Service Level Agreements incl. coordination SAP and SiAM producer
  • SAP basic support

We ensure to support any operation around SAP authorization management.

Worked up curiosity? Get in touch with us. We appreciate to make your individual appointment with our local specialists - without any commitment. Together we will create your individual service package.

Contact: info@bdsgmbh.de            Quick-Hotline: 040 700 135-16


SiAM® (Simplified Authorization Manager) good for SAP systems…

These facts ...

  • Concentration on core business
  • One standardized and structured solution
  • Hotline
  • Defined time of reaction and solution


... bring advantages.

  • Efficiency
  • Clearness
  • Straight support
  • Clarity