DMU - Digital Mock Up

The challenge

In order to use CAD world gainfully for your business, and to optimise your process activities, you need a successful and future-looking development.


The target

The introduction of DMU in your organization, taking into account your requirements, your circumstances and your strategy.


The result

A new level of cooperation. Every designer and developer can view the current data of his/her partners and can use them any time to enhance or shape his/her own work.


DMU offers you the possibility to reach your aims not only more quickly, but also substantially more cost-effectively, by:

  1. Shortening the development times
  2. Cost savings
  3. Improved quality


  • Cost savings
  • Less development time
  • Higher productivity
  • Greater flexibility
  • Enhanced security

Say goodbye to

  • Delays
  • Aborted developments
  • New constructions
  • Tool changes
  • Prototype setbacks
  • Poor or slow production start-ups